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About us

The main purpose of the Alliance is the integration, cooperation and development of joint projects of organizations in the field of drugs and addiction concerning individuals and society. The impetus of the Alliance is also promoting working concepts in the area of prevention, addressing addiction and harm reduction at local, regional, national and international levels through education, interventions, and the organization of various communities in solving problems and drug—related issues.

The Alliance encourages and develops measures in order to help drug users on the basis of social justice, solidarity, principles of equal accessibility and free choice of forms of assistance, while providing users with dignity, equal opportunities and preventing social exclusion.

From the above, it is quite evident that the Alliance performs the bulk of its activities in the field of social security. The Alliance exceeds the division between organizations according to its mode of operation and accepts differences in the concepts and policies of   its    members’    activities.    Differences    between    members    are beneficial, since they help achieve a greater variety of programs for service users. Outwardly — e.g. towards Ministries— the Alliance acts unanimously and operates as a representative of the interests of its members.


Alliance goals:
  • Development and encouragement of active policies in the field of prevention, treatment of addiction and reduction of detrimental consequences of drug use.
  • Development and introduction of new standards and approaches in the field of drug use and addiction treatment.
  • Volunteer training in the field of drugs and addiction.
  • Encouraging the integration of professionals, drug users and volunteers with the aim of developing better communication and more relevant knowledge, recognizing the needs of drug users in national, local and civilian organizations.
  • Developing and strengthening cooperation between domestic and international organizations active in the field of drugs and addiction.
  • Contributing to a better recognizability of the approach and harm reduction programs, encouraging the development of programs and initiatives in reducing social and health consequences of drug use.
  • Establishing elective communication and cooperation between programs and individuals working in the field of drugs and addiction.
  • Providing expert support to drug abuse treatment programs.
  • Designing and maintaining a database on drug abuse treatment programs.
  • Actively supporting members performing and improving drug addiction programs.


Contact: info@zmanjsevanje-skode.si